Welcome to ZedHair!

Over the last few weeks, we have welcomed a number of new blog readers and even more fans following our Facebook page. A week ago we received our 5000th fan, Alice Kabalu Bobo. In my language we would say, “Tambokenu mwane”!

Masuka and Mwanabibi.

Masuka and Mwanabibi.

For our existing readers, there is a lot of new and exciting stuff coming on and offline:

  • Earlier this year, Mwanabibi started the Dear ZedHair column. We will be continuing with collages and trying to show more pictures from people out there
  • We have just launched a Pinterest page so that we can collect our pictures online and drool over them in peace
  • Instagram is another new avenue
  • We will be engaging much more on Twitter and have an ‘Ask ZedHair’ Tweet session once a week
  • You will be seeing us engage more and more with our readers so that we have an interactive (two-way) experience
  • We have opened up our monthly natural hair workshops to the general public
  • And……. the natural hair workshops are coming to the Copperbelt, Livingstone, Chipata and Solwezi between now and the rest of the year
  • We have also switched up the focus of the workshops to be more of natural events. We will be doing corporate events as we keep getting asked by HR people to come and talk to their staff about healthy hair. We finally gave in
  • The 2014 ZedHair Natural Hair Show will be announced soon
  • We are about to welcome a bunch of new contributors, mainly other African natural hair bloggers and vloggers
  • We also want to feature more real life naturals, so please write to us if you would like to be under the Natural Hair Spotlight
  • At the same time, we want to revive the ‘Hairspiration’ column which features celebrities and other well-known personalities rocking their natural hair
  • We will also be covering more social and cultural issues like fashion and beauty as well as health, fitness and nutrition as all of these make up our overall ‘look’ as naturalistas
  • ZedHair is also going BIG into products. We are starting with shea butter and African black soap, introducing more in the near future
  • ZedHair is also launching a magazine. Yes we are! Look out for the call for models, coming soon
  • Radio too. We aren’t starting our own show, but you will be hearing us more on the airwaves going forward. This is all in an effort to reach more people
  • We also have a number of new and exciting partnerships coming up that will be announced in due course
  • Naturally, we will continue with our support to Kasisi and the girls there
  • African hair secrets. Those of you who have attended the February and March workshops will have heard Masuka share about the research that we are conducting to compile indigenous knowledge on African hair and beauty practices
  • There is so much happening that we have probably forgotten one or two. Still, this is enough to keep you going

Yeah, yeah, but when are you opening a hair salon?

The only thing that we are not working on, despite being asked regularly is a hair salon. The natural hair community is still very much a DIY community and we think this is the fastest and healthiest way for one to learn about and care for their hair.

However, we will be holding training workshops for various hair salons. Those salons who undergo this natural hair training will join our group of certified natural hair salons. More on this in about 3 months (June to July).

The Nappy Mafia

Lastly, if you are new to Zedhair, it is important for us to point out that we are NOT The Nappy Mafia. What does this mean? Please read our Nappy Mafia (anti) manifesto for details of what this site is and isn’t about.

One of the reasons why I started this blog is to meet some of the natural hair challenges that I saw around me.

“The greatest challenge with natural hair is feeling comfortable with your own hair. Many extension-wearing ‘closet’ naturals would ditch their weaves in a heartbeat if they knew how to care for and style their hair on their own. However, until you like or accept your own hair, letting others see it will be painful. It’s not the only reason why women camouflage their hair, but for some it is one of the main motives”. Excerpted from The Nappy Mafia

ZedHair is all about giving you the tools and information to enable you to fall in love with and celebrate your natural hair. Tambokenu mwane!

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