Hair Diary Challenge

Hello everyone…

Can you believe February is gone and we’re already in March? Actually I am kind of thrilled that is it cruising by because the winter winds here have been brutal to my hair and skin.

Anyhoo…I hope your year is going well too.

Like I shared before, I have my hair in twists ALOT of the time. So to push myself and others, some of the ladies in Zedian Naturals and I did a hair diary challenge.    

The rules were very simple.

“Starting the Monday of your chosen week, post one picture showing the natural hairstyle you wore that day. Repeat on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. No extensions and accessories are welcome.”

See? Fairly simple right?


I usually style my hair once a week on the day before wash day so this really pushed me out of my comfort zone. To further push my self, I didn’t plan the hairstyles in advance. I came up with the style the morning of the style.

These were the results:

Day One – Stretched Out Twist Out
The night before I had put my defined twist out in 8-10 fikutis (braids) and took them down the next morning.

Day Two – Roll, Tuck and Pin : Very Messy textured updo

Went to bed with 8 fikutis (braids) the night before.

Took them down the next morning.

I sectioned off the front, split the back into four.

And I loosely rolled, tucked and messily pinned them up using four pins.

Day Three – Bun with a textured side fringe

I did 12 fikutis (braids) the night before, took them down the next morning and voila.. a braid out definition.

Put the back section in a loose bun.

Rolled, tucked and pinned the front section to the side

Day Four – Roll, Tuck and Pin: French Braid with a Waterfall

I maintained the braid out from the previous day by re-braiding it before bedtime.

When I took it down the next morning, I French rolled the back section to the crown of my head.

I pin as I roll.

I left the front section out and pinned the right front section over to the left front section for the “waterfall” effect.

Day Five – Roll, Tuck and Pin:  Puff with a Twist

After the braid take down in the morning, I did a “twist” on a routine puff.

I sectioned off an inch of hair around the hairline while I put the rest of the hair in the middle in a puff at the crown.

Starting in front, I took a 2 inch or section of the hair left out, rolled it clockwise, tucked and pinned it under the puff.

In a clockwise fashion, I repeated this step with each 2 inch section around the hairline.

I really enjoyed the challenge and was thrilled with the results. It is a great way for you to flex your styling skills. So go ahead and give it a try…don’t forget to take pictures for your own diary. 
Are you going to try the challenge?

Loads of Hair Love,

2 responses to “Hair Diary Challenge

  1. I just love you no matter what your hairstyle looks like… are just simply beautiful…both inside and out….and to top that off, you are gifted with the abiliity to make your hair look stunning no matter the style!


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