Style Guide – Braided Up-do Part One

I am calling this a braided up-do because it works for any style with long extensions.
You can either do it with a centre part or with all the hair pulled back from the front. 

  • Start with grabbing two equal parts from behind the ears and cross over. Secure with a clamp or hair band. That’s it. No really, that’s it.
When the weather is really hot and humid, I grab the hair from the back of my neck. This enables me to get the hair off my neck as hair extensions can be really hot. Also, when it is cold, to minimise friction with a thick woolen sweater or coat, this can really help too. Nothing worse than that bright pink fluff from your sweater finding its way into your hair.

Unlike the picture at the top of the page, where I have a centre parting, this one pulls all the hair back off the face from the front. It is good to mix things up as wearing the same parting causes stress on that area of the hairline.

Hair is lifted slightly off the neck. Great for warm weather or in cold weather to avoid fluff from woolen sweaters, coats etc.

A slight variation is to wear the hair clamp horizontally. In this version, I also have a centre parting, but the actual method and style is the same. If you take smaller sections of hair, you can use a smaller clamp or ponytail holder. You can make this a tight or loose hold. It really depends on the look you are going for.



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