Natural Spotlight: Cynthia

It has been a few weeks since we did a Natural Spotlight. This is all about The Big Chop. Read on to find our more about Cynthia’s story which she shared with us last year (2012)


I have wanted to do the Big Chop for 3 years now. 

The birth of my son this year has brought me a whole lot of changes. One of which was the courage to look myself in the mirror and face the damage all the relaxers and heat had done to my hair.
Cynthia and her son, shortly after her BC

I am no stranger to short hair. I cut mine annually and grow it back. I love the versatility of short styles and as my hair is thick and grows quick, there’s always something new month to month. This time around, I wanted to see what my natural hair is like. Is it really so difficult to cope with? I also wasn’t looking forward to the shedding that comes with the hormonal changes postpartum.

The first day was weird. It was the dead of winter and I could feel the cold on my head! Did I go too short? (shaved it bald)!! LOL! I grabbed my wig, walked past my mirror and took it off. I didn’t want that look. I was happier with my own nearly bald head!


Its taken a whole lot of adjusting, but it’s nothing mascara, lip gloss and fab earrings can’t fix. I have found myself buying more accessories (including snoods and hats for winter). In the first few weeks, I wore more makeup than I usually do. 

I feel so free! I don’t have to worry about counting weeks between relaxers, all the blow drying and flat ironing. 

Armed with my leave-in conditioner, evoo (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), water and eco styler gel, I simply wash and GO!!!

The same way I am learning about what’s good for my baby, what products to feed him etc, I am learning about my hair; what it likes, wants and needs. I am using as many natural products as I can possibly get my hands on.

Its a new journey. A new me!
Cynthia, a few months after the BC

The reason we love this story is that it is yet another example of how and why the Big Chop is “an emancipation of epic proportions”.



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