Style Guide – Twist Up-do Week Two

A rare pic of me in my glasses that I like.
I love my glasses though and would never switch to contacts

At the end of the first week of the twist up-do (more like 10 days). I washed and conditioned my hair while it was still in the Two Strand Twists (TSTs). Usually, I would wash them after a week, but since it was in an up do, it lasted a little longer than it normally would have.

The top view

After washing and conditioning, I applied leave-in conditioner, shea butter and eco styler gel as I normally do when twisting and proceeded to re-twist my hair from the roots. If I wash or rinse after gym or sometimes even without washing, I would take about thirty minutes to re-twist the ends of my hair. This time though, I was doing a proper re-boot and so had to untwist and re-twist from root to end. I then proceeded to pin up all the hair.

You will notice a difference, that this week’s hair was a little frizzier and not as neat. The updo helped to cover this up somewhat though.

The back view. I really loved how this turned out

As my hair grows longer, I will incorporate more up-dos in an effort to protect the ends of my hair and keep it from rubbing my collar, shoulders, getting caught in my handbag strap, seatbelt and so on. Also, in the cold season when we wear sweaters and other wollen clothing, the less hair rubs against moisture sucking and fluff inducing wool, the better.


2 responses to “Style Guide – Twist Up-do Week Two

  1. Woow, this is amazing. I am always curious, how to make this type of plaits and if it possible to make it in "European" head. Greetings from Poland.


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