Style Guide – Twist Up-do Week One

As you know, my staple style most of the time is the Two Strand Twists (TST). In an ideal world, I prefer to wash and detangle my hair at home, apply leave-in conditioner, put it in large TSTs, cover with a shower cap and scarf, and then go to the salon to get it twisted and styled.

This is because the TSTs done at the salon are usually neater, tighter and last longer than if I do them myself. Also, it takes half the time of doing it myself, especially when I want smaller or mini twists. This is especially important if I am going to be very busy at work, or if I am travelling out of town. I will do my own hair at home if I have a relatively open week and weekend as I will have to re-do it after a week. With practice, I would probably get better at doing it myself, but I don’t see much point in that if there is someone who can do it better and without my arms killing me. Also, my hairdresser does many people’s hair, watches a lot of YouTube videos and generally has far more creative ideas for me to try than I do myself. So, a few weeks ago, she suggested I try an up do. 

I was really pleased with the style as I liked the simplicity and I found that the definition on the twists lasted longer and it was easy to refresh them. I just had to moisturise and spritz twice during the week. I made sure I slept with a satin scarf and kept it on until I got to work. This was to keep the style from poofing up from shower steam and maintain the smooth look.
Do NOT wear any old scarf. 

I have a very nice plain black satin scarf specifically for this purpose. I make sure to tie it in a proper and fashionable style, even if it is just to smoothen my hair. This is just in case there is a cute guy in the next lane at the traffic lights, or I forget to take it off at the office. The day I did my sock bun, I only remembered I still had on my scarf at 10:30. I get to work at 07:30 and we officially start work at 08:00. Everyone thought it was just one of my headwrapping days. I dashed into the ladies and emerged sheepishly after 2 minutes. I was a bit unsure, since it was my first bun, but it turned out to be a winner.
So, I shall say it again, do NOT wear any old satin or silk scarf. You just never know…

4 responses to “Style Guide – Twist Up-do Week One

  1. Hi!
    Love Zedhair! Which hairdressor do you go to for this twist. My hair is still a bit short but I think I can do a short twist.


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