Hairspiration: Goapele Mohlabane

Known to most as just Goapele, Goapele Mohlabane is an R&B and soul singer. The daughter of a South African political activist exiled from RSA during the days of Apartheid, the influences of her father’s experiences are latent in her music as Goapele continues to address the need for political and socio-economic change in her lyrics. Hair-wise, she likes to switch things up, but typically wears a protective hairstyle. She formerlly used to rock dreads but recently has been sporting a corn-rows and thread hairstyle that’s hitting all the right notes. Plus, a shout-out to her standout use of accessories! This week’s hairspiration, Goapele Mohlabane. 

According to Wikipedia, in celebration of the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa Goapele with South African emcee Hip Hop Pantsula, released the single “Victory.”  This track was recorded in English, Setswana, and Xhosa and tries to draw attention to the need for education and resources to combat Africa’s most crucial dilemmas.  Read more about the Victory endeavor here and enjoy the track below.

Photos courtesy of and the Goapele facebook page.


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