Out and About: Protective Hairstyles in West Africa

Happy New Year!!!! Thought we’d start the new year and kick-off our 3in6 challenge with some pictures of protective hairstyles from my somewhat recent trip to West Africa. These particular pictures were taken in Nigeria and Burkina Faso. Most of the pictures are of children, because well, 1. I couldn’t resist and 2. children tend to wear natural hair and protective hairstyles more than adults do. Enjoy! Feel inspired. Let’s see where the next 6 months take us!!!


these braids actually had a tinsel-like component to them and would glisten in the sun but I just was unable to capture that in the pictures I took.

For more inspiration on protective hairstyles during the 3in6 challenge, visit our other posts on protective hairstyles and we’ll also work on making the hairspiration series trend towards protective hairstyles during this period! Good hair growth to all!
Share your protective hairstyle pictures with Zedhair! Email info@zedhair.com


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