Prepping for 3in6 Challenge: Week 3

This is week three of the 3in6 challenge. To read more about the challenge, click here:

“Use this week to draft your healthy meal plan for 3in6. 
For the challenge, we are to eat fruits/vegetables with each meal.

  1. Find or come up with recipes that incorporate fruits/vegetables
  2. Write your grocery list
  3. Set up a drinking plan for your water intake”
I really struggle to drink the recommended 2 litres of water in a day, so I try to break it down into 500ml or 750ml bottles. I have one on my bedside table and start drinking it immediately I wake up, and throughout my preparation to get ready for work. I carry it with me to the car and aim to have finished it by the time I get through traffic and am seated at my desk. I then have a cup of black tea (no milk or sugar) and aim to finish the second bottle of water by lunch time. After lunch, I have another cup of tea to aid digestion — this time it is green tea. I try and drink the last bottle of water in the afternoon and aim to finish it by 6pm. Thereafter, I can have another cup of green tea after supper, just to warm me up and break down the food i have eaten. 

I find that if I use 750ml bottles, I tend to drink more total litres of water in the day than when I use 500ml bottles.

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