PHC In Pictures: 5 Le Weave

The fifth and final hairstyle of my protective hair style challenge.

These pictures don’t do justice to the awesomeness of this hairstyle. A number of friends told me that I needed to keep this as my hairstyle and stay away from (and I quote) “straight boring do’s

What I really wanted was a massive Afro weave, TY Bello-esque, but I could not find the right weave and didn’t have time to keep searching so I settled for this Pro-10 16″ deep wave weave. I bought 3 bags of the #30 hair color, because plain black seemed boring and my hair was at that time sporting a color somewhere between a number 4 and a 30. So there. Following advice from earlier posts on how to manage weaves, I washed the weaves in soapy (shampoo-ey) warm water and then rinsed them out in cold water and left them to dry the night before my appointment at the salon. I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of re-packaging them, so I left the weaves in the bundles to dry overnight.
The weave looks very calm and tame after being washed but I never once wore it this way or straightened– the Pro-10 hair can be manipulated with heat.
I made my way to the hair salon the next morning and in about an hour and 45 minutes the stylist had hooked me up! I had the weave sewn into my hair. I wanted to use a weave cap but couldn’t find one in Balogun Market and so I just had the hairstylist braid all of my hair under the weave. When my mom saw me, she freaked out, and thought my hair was too big. To be honest, I was a little afraid that 3 bags would not be enough, but my hairstylist made it work. Though I would have gladly taken bigger hair!
I have worn a lot of different hairstyles in my life, but none have come so close to being me! This hair looked great and most definitely made me a hot commodity– well, that is, except for the part where airport security in Frankfurt, Germany decided that it was necessary to stick metal detectors in my hair!!!
Anyway, I wore this style for about 4 weeks. Took the weave out, washed it, rested my hair for 2 days and then put the weave back in. The first four weeks were great and I had no real problems with the weave, expect my hair was growing out rather quickly and so I needed to re-attach. The next 3 weeks were a bit rough. I know I over-brushed the weave and that was starting to show and so as it began to look old, I would cut the matted ends out and trim the hair. By the end I was down to about half of the original length.
In all, I had the weave in for about 7 and a half weeks. I loved it all, but I hated taking the weave out. The first time, the sew-in was looser and so easier to do on my own and for reasons that make no sense to me my natural hair (new growth) was still manageable. The second time, I had my sister sew-in the weave and she sewed it in too tightly, which led to my hair growing out around the stitches and thread and during the removal process, I lost a lot of hair from many really bad knots. It took me about a week and half before I was finally able to remove all the knots. I was wigging it every day, to look remotely decent and put together.
All in all, I love this style and most definitely plan on returning to it very soon. I have missed having my hair though during this interesting hairstyle ride…

6 responses to “PHC In Pictures: 5 Le Weave

  1. Hmmm. Hitherto, we have managed without having to moderate comments because almost everyone understands that it is ok to disagree or have a different opinion and still be respectful, courteous and polite in how we express ourselves. It would be a shame, if we had to change this policy and start policing our site. Here's hoping this is the first and AND last of the mean and nasty variety of comments.


  2. i LOVE it!!! ive flat ironed my hair for the last ten years. despite the fact that i haven't had a perm in just as long, my hair no longer does the big, puffy, curly, thing. my moms hair is tightly curled and thick. mine is just thick but not curly. your picture is absolutely perfect. i am online searching for a weave to make my hair look natural and big and SEXY (without all the maintenance). job well done! do you remember the brand you purchased? thanks!


  3. I bought this weave in Nigeria and couldn't find it in the US. There were some on ebay from UK sellers but I have family that visits often so I just got them to buy me some new packs (my mom made sure they were black and not red! haha!). Good luck.


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