PHC in Pictures: 3 Ghana Braid

Can I just say “the price of beauty!!!” These might have been my best looking/favorite protective hairstyle. Ghana braids are just so beautiful especially when they are well done. The problem is, these braids DESTROY your hairline if not properly done and maintained and in all honesty, I am not sure that they can be done in a way that shields the hairline from excessive pulling and damage.

I kept these braids in for 2 weeks– my longest protective hairstyle to-date, but had to take them out to 1) get another awesome hairstyle and 2) I was beginning to note some damage to my hairline as my hair was being pulled out of its roots by the very tight braids necessary for the hairstyle. Plus I had also spent a week in the desert sands of West Africa and needed to properly wash my hair to reclaim my sanity.

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