PHC in Pictures: 2 Fulani

I should mention right out the bat that I took most of these pictures myself on a crappy point and shoot so quality is a bit lacking.

Looking back at these pictures, I am not entirely sure where I found the gumption not only to try but also to wear some of the hairstyles I’ve had during this challenge and this Fulani/traditional look was definitely one of the more daring looks I’ve had in a very long time.
So when I got back from the market stall, this is what my hair looked like… well actually, she had left the ends hanging down and I felt that they looked, better and more authentic twisted into little knots and so that’s what I did.

You’ll note the amazing height that the big braids achieved, it was with the help of extensions that I came to not appreciate, and so after about 2 nights, I took out the extensions and remixed the look in a way that I actually liked better. I felt that this was a more current take on the traditional look, it was more comfortable to wear and I think the braids looked less intimidating and less Katy Perry’s ET-esque.

I kept these in for about a week.


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