In Pictures: Braided Updos

I took these pictures in January of this year and never quite got around to posting them. I had long twists in my hair and put together some interesting up-dos.
Up-Do 1
Not really sure how best to describe this particular hairstyle (I secretly call it the Mickey Mouse). I split my hair in two about an inch above one ear to the same place on the other side. I braided up the back section from the base of my head using the conventional french braid style, where the braid is hidden on the inside. Once done, I braided it to the end making sure to roll the braid out– I made the braid a little looser at the end so that the hair bent over easily. I folded, rolled and pinned the braid. I then split the front half into two sections, and then twisted and rolled them into buns and pinned them in place.
Time to completion: approximately 5 mins.

Up-Do 2
It is very likely that this hairstyle is the product of over-watching Whoopi Goldberg in Corrina Corrina. It looks like a 70s hairstyle and I really enjoyed the retro-feel of this hairstyle. I very messily split the hair into two sections so that there was no discernible line and then braided two big ‘outside’ french braids mostly sweeping around the sides of my head to create the halo effect. I then pinned up the resulting plaits along the braids, taking care to create volume and bigness along the bottom. This was done by twisting the plait around before pinning it.
Completion time: approx. 6 minutes


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