The Science of Black Hair — a MUST HAVE Hair Text Book

I have just unwrapped my recently ordered (second) copy of the acclaimed book, The Science of Black Hair by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy. You can read more about the author and her work here. I bought the black and white paperback version, then decided to upgrade to the hardback full-colour version. That is how good this book is. I thought about writing my own review, but figured that I would just be re-inventing the wheel of what others have already said. I co-sign, second, hear hear, aye aye or as we say in Zambia when someone makes a good point, “Sense!”

Why is this such a great book, because it really breaks down the science of black hair and then builds it up again into useful and practical steps. This book is a MUST HAVE and is well worth buying. You can get it from or

I have included here, excerpts from two other blogs who both really give a nice summary of why this is such a fantastic book. From Angel Smith at The Natural Lounge, had this to say:

I must say I am more than impressed, in fact I would go as far as to say that if you had this at home, it would become your hair bible. This is the type of book that you could call upon from time to time with any hair issues. It is jam packed with knowledge and advice that you could keep forever all written in an easy to understand, clear and beautiful way. This book helps you understand why your hair does what it does.

Although I felt that I already knew alot about hair care, the book gave me more information and tips. It also gave me alot more confidence in my knowledge.  So if you are new to caring for your hair it would be the perfect thing for you. With this type of book, anyone can be a hair expert.

You can read the full Natural Lounge review here.

Then, Afroniquely also has a great review:

What can be found in this book?
Across a total of 15 Chapters in the book, topics span from Scalp and Hair Structure, to Understanding Hair Growth and Damage, Textured (Black) Hair Properties and Principles, Regimen Building, Doing Product Selections, the acclaimed Protein and Moisture Balancing techniques, Coloring your hair, Relaxed hair, Natural Hair, Kids regimen, Total Hair and Health. Let’s just say it is chock full of information.

I think one of my fave topics was learning just exactly how my scalp is made up and functions in terms of hair care and as it’s own as a part of my body. With tons of diagrams and information, it’s easy to gather that our scalp is indeed a breathing ground for healthy hair.

You can read Afroniquely’s full review here.

Allow me to also direct you to Kim Love of Luv Naturals and Kimmaytube who has a great review on YouTube.

I should confess that I had heard a bit about this book and a friend kept asking me if I had read it or was planning on ordering it any time soon. I had even seen the link to Kimmaytube’s video review, but it is only when I also saw it reviewed on The Natural Lounge that I paid serious attention, checked it out for myself and rushed to Amazon soon afterwards. If I was a betting person, I would have put down money as a guarantee that you will not be disappointed. I have read most of the major/talked about books on natural hair, and while they all have their place, this is on a whole other level because it is more of a text book.

Finally and most importantly, this book is about the science of black hair. It does not segregate between natural and relaxed hair. So, it is for everyone.


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