Protective Hairstyle Challenge

I mentioned a couple weeks back in the hair tactics post that I was embarking on a protective hairstyle challenge. The lead-in time for the challenge will be spent in Nigeria where I hoped to do some of the more creative hairstyles that would not be available where I reside. So, I got in to Nigeria last week and made it back home by Friday night. Saturday evening I was across the street, at a little salon getting my hair braided. I explained that I wanted an all-back style of corn-rows/plaits (the alternatives were unavailable and it was too late to go to the market), but not too simple, with just a little bit of flair. I sat down and let her do her magic. Once she was done, she asked me why chose this hairstyle and if it was because I wanted to look like a man. I think that was her own way of saying that she hadn’t really done that great a job and there was no “flair.” Looking in the mirror, proved just that. It wasn’t bad but it also wasn’t quite that great. It was okay and would have to do for this next week.

I have a wedding this Saturday and have yet to decide what sort of hair to have for it, most certainly not “one-week-old-just-okay-all-back” braids. I am taking pictures of the hairstyles but internet connectivity and a lack of coordination on my part makes it difficult to upload them. So you’ll just have to wait and see….

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