Hairspiration: Ayo

Joy Ogunmakin better known by the moniker Ayo, is a Nigerian-German musician. Her earthy soulful music with a pinch of pop, makes a clear standout and a unique artist in world music. She draws from Bob Marley and Donny Hathaway and others to make what she calls, “soul and magic.” This week’s hairspiration… Ayo!

You can read more about Ayo on her website. In the meantime, check out her sweet updos and cute afros in the following pictures.

All pictures courtesy of


Watch Ayo show some MJ love while rocking an updo in her new video “I want you back”

(I thought about featuring a different video of one of her songs and not just a cover because I actually really do like her sound. However, this Jackson 5 cover is pretty sweet and is most definitely a two-fer and so it won out. Plus I recently got “hey shawty”-ed by a twelve year old outside my flat and yes, I am old enough (or at least matured/developed enough) to be his mama. I couldn’t help laughing at this brash boy who was cycling down the road with a friend on his handlebars and another hanging off the back. He responded with a “how you doing” which met with more laughter and so it was followed with “what’s your name girl?”– hahaha! )


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