Hairspiration: Teiko Dornor Tagoe

Picture courtesy of Bella

This plus-sized ghanaian model is making all the right moves all over the world! She is also the organizer of Miss Plus Africa (working on finding out more about this). According to her blog, in March of 2009 “I completely shaved it off this week, the idea of re-touching my hair was too overbearing, I’m going back to my roots!” Teiko really began to get a lot of attention as a result of her efforts to showcase the beauty of the curvier African woman. In an interview with Jamati, she states,

“I think its important, and I appreciate that images of a plus size model do encourage others. The media is often trying to feed us a fantasy, a lifestyle, but it hardly includes a bigger woman, why should that be? We’re fly too! Beauty is so diverse and if I can be part of that, it makes my efforts worth it.”

Unless otherwise noted, all pictures are courtesy of Teiko Dornor Tagoe’s Blog.

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