My First DIY Deep Condition

Recently, we have been doing a series of recipes on Do It Yourself deep conditioning.

One of my challenges, is that immediately I read or hear about something, I want to try it. I opted for a recipe that would utilise what I already had in my kitchen, or required something that I was planning to buy. In the end, I opted for an egg, honey and olive oil recipe that I found online. I went out and bought some Zambezi Gold organic honey and used the eggs and olive oil in my pantry (I absolutely LOVE my olive oil).

I consider myself to be rather pragmatic, so I will be honest. I don’t think it did anything for me at all. I have often used honey on my face when I have had break outs  or just when wanting to really cleanse and clear my skin. I kid you not, ONE week of washing my face with honey (morning and evening) is like magic. So, I am a firm believer in the power of natural remedies, herbal medicine etc. However, I also love my ibuprofen. Why suffer boiling leaves etc, when you can pop some pills? It’s all about balance.

Back to the topic at hand.

Since, so many naturals that I know personally, swear by some of these DIY recipes, I am convinced that my experience was just my experience. I feel it would be premature to conclude that none of these recipes work or are worth trying. And all that I need is to find the product or ingredient that my hair likes/works best for my hair.

Naturally, I will let you know, when I find it.


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