Moderation in all things

If I’ve learned anything in my hair journey, both relaxed and natural, is the need to have simple regimens. Once you start learning about the different techniques to care for your hair on hair blogs such as this one and other places (books, YouTube, etc) it is very easy to be overwhelmed by all the information. It’s easy to think, “Oh, if I run out and get that product, my hair will look like…” Sadly, this often leads to waste, because not all products are equal. What works for one person may not work for another. Which is why I advocate moderation – trust me, I learned the hard way; I have a box full of products that are either unused or little used in a box shoved in my closet.  

What I do now is this – assess my hair needs.

If I’m looking for a better daily conditioner, I need to ask why? Is what I am using not working or am I simply bored, and looking to just spend money on the latest hit product?
I know this sounds pretty elementary, but it works! Honesty is the key. Doing this has actually brought me back to old regimens/techniques that I had abandoned despite their success in favour of doing what someone else was doing. This may seem contradictory for a hair blogger coaching others but I think you get my drift. J

This is not meant to scare you into NOT trying new things, learn what works for your hair, and remember this is all a process. You’ll have hits and misses, but you can mitigate the risk of HUGE misses by being thoughtful and making informed decisions. Do this and you can avoid becoming a product junkie and bandwagon jumper. 

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