Hairspiration: Zolani Mahola

We’ve given very little attention to TWAs (teeny-weeny afros) in our hairspirations thus far and thought it was time to remedy that. So this week’s hairspiration is Zolani Mahola, an actress and the lead singer of Freshlyground! Although more popular for their collaboration with Shakira on Waka Waka, the 2010 Football World Cup anthem, Zolani and Freshlyground from Cape Town in South Africa have carved a niche in afro-pop.

Photo courtesy of
Zolani rocks a wicked twa and its about more than just her hair. Her attitude, her style, her grace. In an interview with Oprah Magazine (RSA edition), she talks about finding power and confidence in discovering the beauty in herself. That’s probably why I love Zolani and their song, Pot Belly.


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