Feeling the heat

It is now about three weeks since It’s Natural got up and running. I have been in many minds about what to write and how. I am feeling the pressure (or the heat) to ‘represent’ and walk the talk.

For the past two weeks, I have had twists and by now, I should have taken them down to do my first ever twist out. But, for some reason, I am too chicken to do it and see how it looks. This will be the first truly natural hair style that I will have had and it is somewhat of a momentous occasion for me. Regular twists or braids is something anyone can do with their own hair or with extensions, whether relaxed or natural. But the twist out really lends itself to naturals and hence it is one of the staple styles in the natural portfolio. For me, this is the first big test of whether or not, I have enough hair styles (and the ever necessary confidence) to pull off this natural thing.

I spent the other day, going through some of my favourite YouTube videos on natural hair and I was struck by the honesty, commitment and dedication of these women who take time to share their journey with the watching world. I was reminded that all that is required is for me to be me and to tell it like it really is and not give a fake picture of what being natural is all about. As I have alsways said from my first post, I started this blog to help me learn, and for It’s Natural readers to learn with me and all the other team members who want to share their stories and their hair journeys with you.

So, my target is Friday to wear my first twist out. This means, I will take my twists down on Thursday night and bring them to work on casual Friday. I will share my experience next week.


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