My Hairspiration!

When I decided to go natural. I thought (and told everyone) that it would be for about two years at most, before I went back to dreadlocks. That was until last week, when I came across some pictures of a natural hair model by the name of Mahogany Boisseau.

My Hairspiration!

It was an Oh My Goodness! moment. It was late on a Sunday afternoon, I was working late trying to catch up (but obviously taking a break to read hair stuff0, when I saw her picture on The Natural Lounge. The original article came from Afroniquely.

Scroll down and be even more amazed!

I would love to see more natural hair models in the mainstream fashion industry and media

I love the soft tones on this picture

I was so inspired, I decided that I would do my best to try and get to this length. Now, I know that Mahogany has been natural for 14 years, so I hope and pray that I have that much patience to keep my hair for at least three more years.

What does this woman look like to you?

Monday morning, my computer was on and I had this picture up. I excitedly showed it to one of the ladies in my office and this was her reaction: “Ugh! She looks like a wild animal. I hope that is not what you are planning to do with your hair”. I was stunned and hurt. It was a reality check that natural hair still has so much negative stigma in this country, it is unbelievable. And THAT my friends is when I decided that I am keeping this hair until it become this long.

Ms Mahogany Boisseau, I am hot on your heels

It’s like she dared me. I am on a mission to prove to myself first and foremost and to anybody else that cares to listen that it can be done.


2 responses to “My Hairspiration!

  1. I saw this story on natural lounge. Yes She is an inspiration. I am not sure I would want my hair to grow this long. Just how do you manage it? Washing it must be a big job and detangling must be a nightmare. Anyway we shall find out when we get there. They say the TWA stage is the best time to enjoy your natural hair as it is easy to manage and based on my experience, I agree to that.


  2. I completely agree on the TWA. I loved my hair at that stage and I understand why many stay there or frequently go back to it. The TWA is the most liberated I have ever felt with my hair


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