Calling All Natural Hair Brides

For some women, choosing the right dress is the biggest decision they make for their wedding day. Not so for Team Natural. The question of what to do with your hair is one that keeps naturals up at night. Whenever I get asked for wedding hair styling advice, I always say that your first stop should be Pinterest or Instagram. After choosing a style, the next question is who do it. Unfortunately, there are not that many hair salons that can be trusted with natural hair on your big day. And for many more who would love to be natural on their big day, negative or hurtful reactions from friends and family members can be a real discouragement.

ZedHair is calling all Natural Hair Brides in Africa and the Diaspora

ZedHair is calling all Natural Hair Brides in Africa and the Diaspora

This is why we have decided to deliberately showcase natural hair brides. We want to hear YOUR stories. We want you to inspire, motivate and encourage others. Other naturals want to learn from your experience, so please share it with us. ZedHair’s new series is for natural hair brides from all over Africa and even Africans living/marrying in the Diaspora. If you wore your natural hair out at your wedding, and you have the pictures to prove it, then you need to contact ZedHair right now. Email us at and we will send you a list of questions to answer. In order to be featured, you need to submit at least six clear photographs of high quality.


NB: If you are a natural and decided to wear a wig, braid with extensions or weave your hair on your wedding, then sorry but you don’t qualify in this campaign. We are interested in showcasing those who wore their own natural hair out. Sorry, but faux afro, marley braid or afro kinky extension styles don’t qualify either.

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