Weekly Challenge Monday – Flat twist/Chunky twist Combo

Monday - Flat Twist/Chunky Twist Combo

Monday – Flat Twist/Chunky Twist Combo

One of the things that has helped me tremendously over the years as a natural is participating in hair styling challenges. Whatever the type of challenge, they tend to work because they force you to be creative with your hair and to be more intentional about how to take care of and style it. This time, I did mine for one week. A few words about what was going on a couple of weeks ago:

  1. It is very cold in Lusaka right now. Southern Africa is experiencing the nearest thing we have to winter here as we are in the middle of the cold season. Protective styles and low manipulation styles are IN right now. This means that were it not for the challenge, I wouldn’t have been changing my hair everyday like this.
  2. The Saturday before starting this challenge, I had my hair cut. I got it blow dried and then trimmed off about four inches of hair. This was to get rid of dry, bushy and weak ends. Somehow, I had gone almost a year without properly trimming my hair. The hair cut and blow resulted in two things: straightened texture which I detest and much shorter hair/reduced volume which made many of the styles I had planned in my head not work as well as I had imagined or as well as they would have come out even one week earlier. I almost had to re-learn how to style my hair again, because four inches is a lot of hair to lose.
  3. A bit more on texture: kinky hair holds styles much better, because the hair meshes well together. I find that I don’t have bits sticking out and once you have ‘set’ the hair with a stain scarf or whatever, it will hold for the whole day. Not so with straighter hair. Since I only blow dry my hair two or three times a year, this was actually a pretty frustrating week for me to undertake a hair styling challenge as I was very unfamiliar with my hair. Ok, now onto Monday’s style….

Monday – Flat twist/Chunky twist Combo

From this angle, you can see one of my three grey hairs in the top picture

From this angle, you can see one of my three grey hairs in the top picture

I mixed a bit of Mongongo Oil and two squirts of aloe vera spritz on my hands and then applied to the ends of my hair, the perimeter and the parting. I had a centre parting from just above the left ear, around the back, to just below the right ear. I flat twisted the top and then did three chunky twists at the back. I rolled each twist at the base and pinned it into place. Then I sort of wove the ends together to make it look like another flat twist. Behind my right ear I rolled the ends of both twists around my finger and then pinned into place. I used four bobby pins for this style. Simple. My hair styling goal is usually third day hair, so if it were not for the challenge, this style would probably have lasted me until Wednesday.

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