Hairstyle Gone Wrong? From Fail to Fab.

Droolicious hair…
You see…
I love perusing all things hair, especially natural hair…
Be it on TV…
In magazines…
On Youtube….
Hair blogs…
Hair forums…
You get the the point right?

In case I have never mentioned this before…I live in two strand twists…
Percentage? About 98 % of the time…
It suits my lifestyle perfectly. No fuss, low maintenance and protects my ends.
I do however, give myself one day out of the week to enjoy my hair.
The day before wash day, I have permission to style my hair.

It is a wonderful challenge…to try and do something different.
Due to the fact that I consistently follow the same steps on wash day week after week, I can predict how my hair will behave or look after unraveling the twists.

Two to three months ago, I decided to flat iron my hair to celebrate a special milestone in my life. So I started planning for it. I had all the tools necessary to do the job except for a flat iron. After going natural two or so years ago, I gave my flat iron away to avoid the temptation of using heat. I kept the blow dryer though…don’t know why…but I did.

I watched countless videos on different flat ironing methods. When Thursday finally rolled around, I was armed with my new flat iron, old blow dryer and CHI Silk Infusion.

After close to five hours…yes five hours because I was gently de-tangling each section and flat ironing very small sections at a time.

Erm…yeah. This happened;

Ginormous Flat Iron Fail

As soon as the flat iron passed the hair, the hair began to shrink. By the time I was done doing the whole head, the hair had very little movement and bounce. It just hang there…like a dark cloud…seriously.
It was close to midnight.
The event was scheduled for the next day.
Then it hit me…flexirods.
When I was transitioning, I used flexirods for big, spiral curls.
So I grabbed them and wrapped mid-sized sections of hair around them.
They are chunky purple rods that are extremely uncomfortable to sleep in.
Took them out the next afternoon and these were the results;

Big Hair Doesn’t Care

Even though I did not get the “swang” flat ironed look I was going for, I was very pleased with the Diana Ross look.  

I shared this experience on to share the ups and downs of learning ones hair. With the natural hair revolution going on, we are bombarded with various hairstyles that can be intimidating as well as inspiring to us.

When you attempt a style and it doesn’t come out the way you want it to, work with it. Use your most trusted techniques that work for you. Simple styles like flat twisting it and unravelling…
Flat twist out
 or using perm rods for tighter curly afro…

Curly Afro

…will make any fail come out fab.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
Loads of Hair Love,


8 responses to “Hairstyle Gone Wrong? From Fail to Fab.

  1. Will give that a try in like 2 years if God is so gracious. Love the hairstyle, I hardly ever see zambians bother with making their natural hair look nice except one, and it's like everyone's going natural with a question mark on their heads. Become a naptural85 fan cause of her minimal use of product and yet great results. We need more people caring in Zambia, like seriously.


  2. Hello there…Hopefully with more natural hair knowledge and exposure, more Zambians will explore more hairstyles. I love Naptural85's simplicity…thanks for reading and commenting.


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