Can You Re-use a Weave?

Both of these picture demonstrate what is left of a long weave that I had in March 2011. It began life as a shoulder length weave, but I just couldn’t get used to it, so after one week, I decided to cut it to chin length. I kept the weave for another two weeks and then took it out. I resolved to try and do what others advised by re-using it. I started by washing my hair the morning I was going to take out the weave. I made sure to apply a lot of coconut oil to ensure my hair was well moisturised when removing the weave. At the salon, I collected all the hair in a bag, and took it home. 
Once home, I washed my ‘hair’ in warm soapy (shampoo) water, conditioned it and then hung it to dry. I tried to comb it while damp, but it was coming away from the tracks. That is when I decided to leave it to dry out. Once dried, I took my time to comb it. Firstly with a wide-tooth comb and then with a smaller comb, then I Denman brushed it. Finally, I rolled it up into balls according to length and put it away until the next time I was ready to weave my hair again. When I did make it to the salon, I opted for a short pixie cut, which was very chic.

For more information on caring for and maintaining a weave, read this post from our archives. And this one on human hair extensions.

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