The Infamous Fro-Hawk

After doing my two-strand twists and then twist out, I wondered what to do with my hair. As you know, my twist out didn’t come out so well, so I knew I didn’t want to wear it out for more than two days. Then I came across this video by MissKrisNew. It is a simple and easy style perfect for a party or going out somewhere in the evening. Honestly, I don’t think this is a work style, unless you work in a funky boutique of some kind.

So, how did my own hair come out with this style? Scroll down and see:

When viewing the picture, I noticed the clump of shed hair hanging down. Fortunately, few people had arrived for the party by that time, so I was able to get rid of it.

I have to be honest; I really dig this hairstyle and I will definitely try it again very soon. Hopefully, it will come out better and I will get some good shots of it. I was doing it in a rush, so did not have time to effectively finger comb it. Especially as I had had it twisted for so long, it was still pretty tangled. Another reason, not to leave hair in for too long — it takes longer to take down.


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